Network Cabinet Rewire Project

Network cabinets can become messy over time, so we arranged to install an additional network cabinet for future growth, and then rewire the old cabinet so that one cabinet contained all network equipment and the other cabinet the servers.


To The Cloud or Not?

  The Cloud is a great idea, no sorry a great solution to many in-house issues but it’s not right for everyone. We would never advise a client to move their entire infrastructure or business into the Cloud without first assessing all the implications or impact it might have. The biggest issue you have to[…]

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Bring your desktop, laptop, netbook, Mac or Server back to life! Bold claims from the manufacturers but is switching to a Solid State Hard Drive really going to make a difference? In short… YES! BUT… Buy the right drive with equal read / write speeds. There are some cheap and nasty drives on the market[…]

UKFast Partner Programme

    We’re proud announce a New partnership with UKFast. UKFast is one of the UK’s leading hosting and colocation providers, supplying dedicated server hosting, critical application hosting, and cloud hosting solutions. They fully-own, manage and operate their own carbon- and carrier-neutral data centre complex, which offers over 30,000 sq ft of enterprise-grade facilities for colocating your IT equipment. All[…]


Cubby – Cloud Storage

Stay in sync, stay in control.   Cloud storage apps help people increase their productivity at work and on the go. But this also means more security risks for your organization – it’s harder to control where the data lives, collaboration becomes difficult and data leakage is more prevalent. Only Cubby gives individuals and teams[…]

How to play Roblox

Totally Free Roblox Robux (R$) Generator HackUpdated Jul 2017 Are you ready to get the most? Well now you can! Not everybody can afford to buy ROBUX or a Builders Club membership. . . Until now! We here at RobuxGeneratorHack believe that everybody playing with Roblox needs to have the exact opportunities and no player[…]

LogMeIn Pro – Remote Access

LogMeIn Pro – For individuals and Small Businesses Stay productive anywhere anytime with LogMeIn access to your computers. – Transfer files between devices – Print documents – Watch videos in HD – Listen to remote audio     LogMeIn Pro gives you fast, easy remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop[…]