IBM Lotus Notes Traveler

IBM® Lotus® Notes® Traveler is a mobile application that provides two-way, over-the-air synchronization of email and PIM data between IBM Lotus Domino® servers and select handheld devices. Lotus Notes Traveler synchronizes e-mail, calendar and contacts data, between the server and the device, in real time. It is convenient and easy to install for administrators and end users. And it’s a FREE mobile option for Domino customers that allows them to build on their existing Domino infrastructure and extend their messaging and collaboration environment to the mobile phones.

Lotus Notes Traveler Mail on iPhone

Email – Use Lotus Notes Traveler to stay current with your mail. Lotus Notes Traveler provides a simple, easy-to-use interface on the device that needs just a few configuration steps to get you going.  You can customize your device to match the way you like to work, such as setting a limit on the size and age of emails you want to have synchronized or allowing attachments to synchronize to your phone by default or not.  It’s up to you and, in some cases, your company’s policy on email.

Lotus Notes Traveler Calendar on iPad

Calendar – Use Lotus Notes Traveler to stay up to date on Calendar items: meetings, appointments, events.   Create, accept and decline meeting invitations and establish appointment times, while on the go.  Once again, calendar updates on the device synchronize to the server automatically and server side changes synchronize back to the device, so that you are always aware of how your schedule looks for the days, weeks and months ahead!

Lotus Notes Traveler Contacts on Android

Contacts – Use Lotus Notes Traveler to keep your list of Contacts up to date.  Search your personal and corporate contact list and click to call on selected entries.
Type ahead in the To, cc and bcc fields of your email to select recipients for your mail.  Easily add new contacts directly from the To/From fields in your emails.