To The Cloud or Not?



The Cloud is a great idea, no sorry a great solution to many in-house issues but it’s not right for everyone.

We would never advise a client to move their entire infrastructure or business into the Cloud without first assessing all the implications or impact it might have.

The biggest issue you have to address is your internet connection. It’s not rocket science that you need to be connected to the internet to access your Cloud solutions, but is it stable enough to run your business? How many people will be using your internet connection during business hours? When was the last time it went offline and how badly did that effect you?

Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-Demand applications like Office 365 are great as you don’t have a huge upfront cost to buy the software and you just pay a rental fee for the number of users you need at that time. However what happens if you can’t access those documents in the Cloud? What happens to your business and more importantly your customers!

There are a number of solutions and offline modes that can protect you, but no one can provide you an adequate solution without sitting down with you and understanding your business requirements, it’s not something you can buy off the shelve and hope it works.